Okay, let’s do the quick version: O’Reilly had a Friends of O’Reilly (Foo) Camp in 2004, an invite only equivalent of what we know BarCamps to be today. One participant wasn’t invited back the following year, so created BarCamp (Bar coming after Foo in the programmers collection of meta-variable names).

That first even BarCamp was held in Palo Alto in 2005, and since then, it’s spread to be a world-wide phenomenon.

History of BarCampMelbourne

Some time in 2007, Ben Dechrai (then Ben Balbo) found out about this BarCamp thing and, finding none existed in Australia, had no choice but to run the first one, and so BarCamp arrived as the shores of the land down-under, with 10 people on a camp about 3 hours from Melbourne.

Following years were a little more accessible, with events running in the centre of Melbourne, in Newstead, just outside Melbourne, and again in the centre.

We believe that the Newstead event was the first regional BarCamp held in Australia, but only since Kathy Reid, a long standing BarCampMelbourne organiser and free software proponent, started BarCampGeelong, have we seen a Victorian regional BarCamp become established event in its own right.

Previous supporters of BarCampMelbourne

A huge thanks to everyone on this list!

  • 10collective (BCM2012)
  • CatchOfTheDay.com.au (BCM2012)
  • Creative Contingencies (BCM2007, BCM2009)
  • Datalink (BCM2007)
  • EventArc (BCM2012)
  • Firesyde (BCM2008)
  • Geek Girl (SCN2009)
  • Hugeobject (BCM2007)
  • James Turnbull (BCM2009)
  • Lettuce Systems (BCM2008)
  • Linux Australia Inc (BCM2007, SCN2009, BCM2009)
  • Linux Users of Victoria (BCM2009)
  • MD Web Hosting (BCM2009)
  • Microsoft Australia (BCM2008)
  • mig5 (BCM2012)
  • Mount Alexander Shire Council (SCN2009)
  • Multimedia Victoria, Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Victorian Government (SCN2009)
  • No ISP Cooperative Ltd (BCM2013)
  • Open Query (BCM2009)
  • O’Reilly (BCM2007, BCM2008, SCN2009, BCM2013)
  • Open Source Developers’ Club (BCM2007, BCM2008, BCM2009)
  • OpenStart (BCM2009)
  • PaperCut (BCM2012)
  • Productology (SCN2009)
  • Perl Training Australia (BCM2009)
  • SitePoint (BCM2008, BCM2009)
  • Small World (BCM2013)
  • Sputnik Agengy (BCM2009)
  • Strategic Data (SCN2009, BCM2009)
  • ThoughtWorks (BCM2008)
  • Melbourne University’s Department of Information Systems (BCM2007)

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