Why Need To I Select SafeSystem-FUE – How Is It A Lot Better Than Regular Strategies?

Secure System Follicular Device Extraction Improved (FUE2) will not be a standard technique. SafeSystem is a strategy that doesn’t contain slicing or stitching and there won’t be any scars left. SafeSystem is much more like skin tattooing than standard surgical treatment, and as a result offers a everlasting and aesthetic answer. The SafeSystem-FUE technique isn’t going to entail surgical possibility and also the probable issues are so moderate that in many international locations it truly is categorized being a dermatological rather then hajátültetés .

Need to I have my hair slice for your procedure?

It truly is not required. The procedure is often performed at any duration of hair, despite the fact that you’re recommended to cut your hair shorter on the donor location. From the circumstance of patients with extensive hair a distinctive extraction system may be made use of, generating a haircut avoidable.
Will not the hairs skip from where by they’re extracted?

No, they will not. 60,000 to eighty,000 hairs may be observed at the sides and also the back in that horseshoe-shaped location from where by they are really extracted. The 10,000 hairs eradicated for transplantation will never present, owing to some extremely individualised intervention plan. In many instances, on the other hand, five,000-6,000 hairs are ample.
Is there a promise that the transplanted hair is retained?

Along with the method we us, it is the hair alone that is certainly transplanted – in contrast with other, significantly less contemporary, but nevertheless used procedures, exactly where strips reduce from the scalp are inserted. Transplanted hairs will keep their features, equally as individuals will remain the same even though they move to a different area.